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mission creep: noun. A gradual shift in objectives, often resulting in an unplanned long-term commitment

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Tue 15 Sep - Sat 19 Sep, 7pm

About Mission Creep

Tess and Liam are determined to get off the planet at any cost. On paper, they're the perfect applicants for Britain's intergalactic relocation project: they’re young, fertile, and their queerplatonic relationship might even pass for heterosexual bliss. All that’s left is to get past Mary and the interview…and if they have to do one or two extra things to impress the panel, isn’t it worth it to avoid the apocalypse? This world premiere opens just before Asexual Awareness Week on October 20th! It’s the perfect time to see a new play by an emerging asexual playwright, featuring a dynamic asexual protagonist, and asexual and bisexual solidarity IN SPACE. Mission Creep began as a short play in early 2018, making the rounds at scratch nights hosted by Cuckoo Bang Productions, Controlled Chaos UK, and Unmasked Theatre. With their support, it was developed into a full-length play. Age Recommendation: 16+