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This is a celebration of the ludicrous, ironic, politically incorrect, hysterical and hysterically funny headlines, from a time when newsprint was king

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Mon 8 Jul, 7.30pm

About Empty Chair in Moscow Embassy

Dave Bradley died in 2012. He was just 60. He was a charismatic school teacher. His chemistry class was such a laugh, one former pupil wrote on Facebook – 'you didn't want to be late for his lessons because you never knew what you might miss'. Sometime in the late 1970's he started a scrapbook - cuttings and headlines from newspapers. I heard about it and began to contribute myself. His humour shone through the curation of that book- the bizarre, the surreal, the downright hilarious. In the early 1980's I toured the nascent alternative cabaret circuit with a selection of the headlines projected on slides. It was a memorable little act. I recall how one comic, now a household name, told me the headline that stuck in his mind was 'Empty Chair In Moscow Embassy'. It forms a suitable title for the current presentation. Come the end of the 1980's the scrapbook was set aside and abandoned as other interests took hold. I thought it had been discarded or lost, but six years after he passed away, Dave Bradley's scrapbook turned up in a box of books destined for a charity shop. By an unlikely stroke of luck it was spotted and retained. And so I've had a chance once again to peruse the headlines and stories from that time more than thirty years ago. Dedicated to the memory of Dave Bradley, this performance is a full length presentation of material from the period.