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An immersive gaming experience.

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Fri 17 May, 4pm, 6.30pm & 9pm Sat 18 May, 2pm, 5.30pm & 8pm

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Brought to you courtesy of Birmingham-based company, The Other Way Works, whose shows I’ve liked very much in the past. This is described as drama meets an immersive gaming experience and it takes place in Watermans car park where the audience must stake out the area in order to expose a web of deceit, lies and corruption as the press gather for the announcement of a new government environmental bill. You can either purchase a whole car for four people or buy individual tickets for a piece that comes from a company which has always been ahead of the curve in taking theatre out of theatres and using new technologies.

About A Moment of Madness

As the press gather for a big announcement on the new environmental bill, a politician’s future hangs in the balance. Thrust into the heart of a spy thriller, you’ll navigate the political scandal of the decade. Staking out a multi-storey car park, you must use every mode of surveillance to hunt down facts and intercept evidence. As agents of the state you will expose a complex network of corruption that threatens to destroy the UK’s path to environmental progress. A Moment of Madness explodes out of the confines of the theatre into the gritty reality of the city – fusing compelling drama with the excitement of real-time gameplay to create a visceral new live experience. SEE TRAILER at the bottom of this page.