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Location: Cavern

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Fri 24 Feb - Sat 4 Mar 2023, 9.50pm & 10.20pm


About Queer Planet

Dolphin Orgies, Intersex snails, Gay giraffes, Transgender fish… Join Bi-curious George, London’s most loveable nature boy, on a raucous romp through the animal kingdom; the wildest, queerest kingdom of them all. There’ll be singing and dancing, giltz and glam and all sorts of ridiculous behaviour as well as guest performances from some of Londons most iconic drag performers. Bi-curious George is a Drag King whose work centres around queer ecology; or in layman’s terms – queer animals. He spends an unusual amount of time doing research into animal mating so that you don’t have to. Next time someone brings out that age-old idea that homosexuality or gender-queerness is ‘unnatural’, you’ll have an entire arsenal of extraordinary facts at your disposal. Expect to be surprised, amazed and amused in this “deliciously unexpected” celebration of all things queer. Age Recommendation: 18+