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Fri 10 Feb - Sat 11 Feb 2023, 4.10pm, 10.10pm & 10.40pm


About Hexenhammer

Join us for the misadventures of Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger. Two real medieval German monks. Who might have been the first incels. They were real dudes who co-wrote Die Hexenhammer (The Hammer of Witches), a 15th-century guide to witch-hunting outsold only by the Bible; kick starting the European witch craze and likely responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of women over the next few hundred years. Incorporating real text taken directly from Die Hexenhammer and real verbatim text found on online incel forums, HEXENHAMMER explores how men end up killing women as a way to solve their own problems, why that hasn’t changed in the past 500 years, and the uncomfortable role new technology plays – from the advent of the printing press to reddit chatrooms. Age Recommendation: 15+