Top 10 Most Anticipated shows at VAULT 2020 cover photo

Top 10 Most Anticipated shows at VAULT 2020

Top 10 Most Anticipated shows at VAULT 2020 cover photo
VAULT Festival 2020 avatar
VAULT Festival 2020
28 Jan 2020 · Follow on Stagedoor

London's biggest and boldest arts festival kicks off today.

We're damned excited and we know lots of you are too so we thought we'd see which upcoming festival shows our community is most eager to catch over the next few months.

Here are top 10 most popular shows on the app so far:

1) Coming Out Of My Cage (And I've Been Doing Just Fine)

Week 3: 11 Feb - 16 Feb

Mr Brightside hasn't left the UK charts in 16 years. How did it end up like this? An interactive investigation with karaoke, lip syncing and absolute bangers.

2) Who Cares

Week 4: 21 Feb - 23 Feb

The state of the nation shows its true colours: lack of support for disability and community. The run-down Crown Pub embodies a inclusivity for everyone, but how will Jamie and Daniel save it?

3) Hypnagogue

Weeks 3 & 4: 12 Feb - 20 Feb

As well as being a skilled musician and an award winning entertainer, Desmond O'Connor is a trained hypnotherapist who is exploring ways in which hypnosis can be used to create transformative entertainment experiences.

Zoie Kennedy is a well-known actress and celebrated story teller who has been using improvised stories as a conduit to healing and personal development. Alicia Davies is a percussionist and sound-healer.

Together, the company have the simple aim to shift, transform and enrich the lives of every audience member who buys a ticket and steps through the doors of Hypnagogue.

4) The Nobodies

Week 4: 18 Feb - 23 Feb

A town is in turmoil. A hospital is closing. And an MP is dead on the train tracks. Accident? Or opportunity?

5) Annawon's Song

Week 3: 15 Feb - 16 Feb

Annawon's Song tells the story of a Native American military veteran, wounded in both body and mind. His story is twinned with that of an Afghani teenage suicide bomber.

6) Santi & Naz

Week 1: 28 Jan - 2 Feb

Santi & Naz are best friends. When the partition of India threatens to separate them forever, they take drastic action. New play from the award-winning makers of LADYKILLER & COCONUT.

7) A Young Man Comes

Week 1: 5 Feb

80-year-old Mary is living out her life alone. A young man arrives with a proposition...


Week 4: 19 Feb - 23 Feb

A.A. is moving from Eastern Europe to the promised land of Guinness and gift shops: Dublin. Everyone says she’ll do well ‘cause she owns slacks and knows how to spell. From the same award-winning company behind Santi & Naz.

9) V & V

Week 6: 3 Mar - 8 Mar

Vita fancies Virginia; Virginia fancies Vita. Victorian society is scandalised - two WOMEN!? Lottie and Mia meet online. Will love flourish when they meet face to face?

10) Nearly Human

Week 4: 18 Feb - 23 Feb

Inspired by Carl Sagan, this award-winning, nine-piece progressive brass band redefine gig-theatre. A life-affirming celebration of atoms, stars and existence itself; bursting with dynamic choreography, fantastical lighting and intricate compositions.

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