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NOW is back for 2023 — a festival of the best in UK theatre. For here and Now.

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Tue 18 Apr - Sat 13 May 2023 Check website for full programme


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The Yard’s annual festival showcasing cutting-edge artists returns. There is never anything run of the mill about this month-long programme, which takes a risk on bringing new voices to wider attention and always rewards when audiences take a risk too. A lot of this work is at the performance end of theatre, and this year includes Ira Brand with a new piece, Commitment Phobe, about what it means to be uncertain in a world where everyone is expected to have a strong opinion and express it loudly. The intergenerational The Egg Show features 41-year-old Daniel Oliver and 10-year-old Mazvita who together create an eggtravaganza about eggs that want to be superstars. Look out too for Goner, a dance horror show about migration and alienation created by the always intriguing Marikiscrycrycry.

About NOW 23

Together, we’ll find power in ambiguity with Ira Brand, dive into a vertigo-inducing collision of class and queerness with BULLYACHE, plunge into a bathtub of technicolour dreams with Freddie Wulf, watch Marikiscrycrycry converge wining, liming and rocking with ultimate bloodshed, transform into eggs with Daniel Oliver & Mazvita and move with SERAFINE1369 and their choreographic machine. And until the early hours of the morning, we will dance together, with the launch of our first ever in-house party CLUB NOW, featuring DJs from Pxssy Palace, Nite Dykez and Little Gay Brother; the return of The Yard’s regular queer performance party KNICKERBOCKER, and a brand new night, BOOTYACHE, from NOW 23 artists BULLYACHE. NOW wants to get close to you. It’s where energy comes together and collides; theatre that feels like it’s happening with you. It’s a relocation into the here; and a rediscovery of the Now, where the present collective moment will propel us forward, together. Since its first edition in 2014, NOW Festival has supported and showcased over 60 artists, from Rosana Cade & Ivor MacAskill to Jules Cunningham to FK Alexander, whose work continues to shape and inspire across the world. It’s good to be back.