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Part of NOW Festival 2020

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Tue 21 Jan - Sat 25 Jan, 7.30pm


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The annual Now Festival at the Yard is always a pot pourri of unexpected surprises from fearless artists who are often testing the boundaries of performance and what we even mean by theatre. Every week brings a double bill of performances from names you will know and some that you won’t. Week One kicks off with Dadderrs, a collaboration between Daniel Oliver, who is dyspraxic and too slow, and Frauke Requardt who has ADHD and is too fast. The second half of the evening is Elrini Kartsaki and Tasos Stamou whose In a Way So Brutal explores giving in to our own monstrosity. Look out too over the coming weeks for new work from Julie Cunningham, Ultimate Dancer and Jamal Gerald, and whatever you do don’t miss Julia Croft and Nisha Madham’s Working on my Night Moves, one of my favourite shows from Edinburgh last summer.

About Dadderrs / In a Way So Brutal

DANIEL OLIVER + FRAUKE REQUARDT Dadderrs // 7.30pm Daniel is dyspraxic and is too slow. Frauke has ADHD and is too quick. They are married and have kids. Doctor of awkwardness Daniel Oliver and international artist Frauke Requardt invite you to play in the Meadowdrome – their fantastical escapist world. Expect awkwardly intimate actions, strange dances, sweet and surreal songs. Explore, discuss and celebrate clunky (mis)understandings of bodies through ritual and play in this interactive performance. * * * EIRINI KARTSAKI + TASOS STAMOU In a Way So Brutal // 9pm IN A WAY SO BRUTAL BANGING YOURSELF AGAINST A WALL IN A WAY SO BRUTAL HITTING YOURSELF AGAINST A WALL International award-winning artist Eirini Kartsaki embarks on a vocal, sonic and verbal experiment with electroacoustic music composer Tasos Stamou. Together they create imaginary landscapes and narratives that explore the odd, the weird and the monstrous. They take things apart, shout at the void, and give into their own unbridled, restless desires. This is a show about human monsters and giving in to our own monstrosity. Age Recommendation: 18+