The Church of the Sturdy Virgin

The Church of the Sturdy Virgin

10 no. saves icon · Site Specific/Immersive, Contemporary, Fringe Theatre

Part of VAULT Festival 2019


Immersive voyage into death for lovers of the macabre

Calling all wandering stars, curious souls, and oxygen swallowers:

Ever looked at a coffin and thought, “I bet it’s comfy in there”? Ever heard a eulogy and thought, “His best man speech was better”?

Then welcome to our temple for all things macabre and mortiferous. The Sturdy Virgin has long watched over the Other Place and its various rites and ceremonies; her brave congregation of the curious are on hand to usher you, or your loved ones, into the Great Beyond with great care, great skill, and great hymn choices...

The Church of the Sturdy Virgin is a surreal, immersive journey exploring our connection with death – inviting you, our initiates, to teeter on the brink of uncertainty, to choose the manner of your descent into the void and to discover your own funereal wishes and rites for our modern age.

Abide with us dear one, your death is our pleasure.
Take a turn with us down the boneless corridor, past the vale of tears, towards the light and back to the void. Explore the coroner's hovel, liaise with the medium in the Garden of Remembrance, taste the shifting insubstantial mists of the graveyard, resist the temptations of the formaldehyde smoking embalmer and assist with the writing of wills, eulogies and obituaries for your fellow initiates... and for the more courageous... maybe you'll follow that skull-grinning phantasm, sable-clad, beckoning from the deepest, dankest shadows.

Come. All in attendance for the funeral for they who are yet to be named, pay us a visit, so we may give you to the worms.

Funeral attire is advised.

Age Guidance 15+

Critic reviews

The Church of The Sturdy Virgin tries its best to challenge the way in which death is represented in the modern age – it may not have fully succeeded, but if you are willing to play, this immersive event will prove most rewarding

A Younger Theatre

Date & time

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Wed 6 Mar - Sun 17 Mar, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm & 9pm
Runtime: 1 hr 15 mins


Leake St SE1 7NN London, UK · Get Directions

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