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A Hitchcock/Tarantino-esque comedy with guns, lovers and a Broadway starlet.

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Fri 21 Feb, 8pm

About The Man From Verona

It’s not the best birthday for Broadway star Blaze O’Hara. She is the unwitting hypotenuse of a love triangle with her boyfriend, aspiring writer Jimmy Poole and her landlord, Mafia Don Harry Verona. She can keep Harry’s heart and hands at bay until the gun goes off and Harry is shot. With his mother due any minute to meet her, Blaze needs quick thinking and even quicker action. Being a milestone birthday, Blaze begins to evaluate her life, love and career. Mortal danger will do that to a girl. She quickly realises that men have been forcing their desires and decisions on her for too long and it’s time to take back control. Not just to save her life, but to face her fears, literally, because The Trouble With Harry is that he’s hanging from a Rope by the Rear Window; and his mother’s due any minute for coffee. Age Recommendation: 12+