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"Long is the way, and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light" - John Milton

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Tue 17 Mar - Sat 4 Apr, 7.45pm

About The Fall

Falling in. Falling out. Falling for dreams and lies. Falling apart, falling from grace. Two people. Locked in a basement, they face a simple choice: make a life together or attempt escape. Trapped by four walls, and by the prison forged in their own minds, can they learn to trust one another? Deep in the half-light, where the rules of normality no longer apply, nothing is quite as it seems. From the depths of solitude, who will emerge? Brand-new writing from Thomas Arensen, The Fall explores rebellion, hypocrisy and the self-destructive, uncompromising nature of falling in love, and echoes Milton's ability to illuminate the splendid, enforce the awful, darken the gloomy, and aggravate the dreadful. Prepare to fall into the abyss…