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Tue 9 Nov - Sat 27 Nov 2021, 7.45pm

About Darling

It’s 1985 in small town Indiana. Dave is a charismatic man with literary ambitions... He’s also a con artist. Angie, fleeing her past and desperate to belong, joins Dave to pull off a monumental scam - what some would call “old school catfishing”. Their victims are the lonely. When the law finally catches up to them, their strongest defender is one of their most aggrieved victims. An American tale of love, mercy and mail fraud. Pretending to be someone else for fun and profit began long before computers were invented. Inspired by a true story that took place during the 1980’s in the American Midwest. Kathy Rucker, an award-winning American playwright, explores the risks and benefits of old-fashioned romance, where it is possible to fall for someone whom you only know from words on lilac-scented paper, and when catfishing was only an outdoor recreational pastime.