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Part of Camden Fringe 2021

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Mon 16 Aug - Sun 22 Aug, 2021, 8.30pm

About asò

Are you African Enough? Do you even know what it means to be African? Do you understand the language? Do you even know who you are? These are some of the questions that some Africans of the 21st century ask themselves daily. As cultures evolve, people migrate and globalization continues, it is hard to pinpoint what exactly makes someone ‘African enough’. Africans who have lived in Africa and Africans who live in the diaspora have so much in common yet so much that seeks to divide them. Asò is a play by Imagiphora Studios that seeks start important conversations between members of the diaspora and the people who still live in their respective country of origin. Asò is a play that forces you to be introspective and examine the ways in which your culture and background influences your self-identity and how you relate to the world around you. Asò follows co-protagonists and co-antagonists Tokunbo and Timilehin. They have conversations about their self-identities, heritage, culture, traditions, parents, and the struggles they’ve faced with regards to these topics. Tokunbo and Timilehin are at loggerheads when the show starts and they go on a journey that sees them coming to terms with their ‘African-ness’, understanding the issues they face, getting a better understanding of themselves and each other and most importantly what unites them.