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A man is going madder, madder, madder than Macbeth.

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Thu 7 Nov - Sat 23 Nov, 7.30pm


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About Ovum of Risk

Going out of his hallucinating mind. A man is voyaging back through life right up unto his birth. Even before it. The enigma this presents is what Ovum of Risk is based on. What complicates the problem is that not only does he feel that his own life is a failure, but the lives of others too, who he sees as anti-social beings cluttering up the streets and roads and supermarkets he frequents. In fact, they are just about the only people he does see. In his dark and narrow world, the anti-social rule and make him suffer greatly. L.A. Mason’s performance of the poetry that this generates is a surreal; fevered; haunting; and devastating one. One that combines naked - and negative - emotions with satire of the most absurd and brutal kind. One that is an audacious, dramatic, and vicious, assault upon your eyes and ears. Brought to you by someone who is new to the theatre scene, it is L.A. Mason’s intention that you wonder what he wonders about. Is every female egg a potential risk to the human race? Is life just really birth-madness-death? The state of madness occurring in-between the other two? Be shattered – devastated by - Ovum of Risk, and find out.