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Are you capable of murder? I am. You are. We all are.

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Sun 15 Jul - Sun 29 Jul, 8pm


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About I am Orestes and I am Electra too

Or at least that is what To Be Creatives Ltd wants us to think about in their first play, to be premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 with previews at the Courtyard Theatre in London. Through a contemporary version of the timeless Orestes and Electra's words, thoughts and actions, the audience assists to a purge where they do not just watch, they are part of a big brother experience. Without saying a word or direct interplay, every single member of the public work as the classic chorus of the Greek Tragedy and that responsibility completes the actors' in creating an atmosphere where everything and nothing is true and false. Two actors and an audience-character meet in a dystopian thriller, finally seen in a theatre. The right combination of elements to attract young adults that-just-consume internet-films-games-and-sometimes-books to the theatre! Mental health and the impossibility of its recovery without professional help is the theme. Bullying, rejection, homophobia and lack of confidence drive many people to suicidal thoughts, self-harm... In I am Orestes and I am Electra too, the company takes the issue to an extreme point and those problems, here, also lead to murder. There are never spoilers when a Greek Tragedy is on stage, but what will certainly be is suspense, lies (maybe truth...), remorse, love (and hate), manipulation, justice (justice?) and blood. A lot. Or maybe not... As our awarded playwright Arif Alfaraz states, 'we believe in Theatre as a means to change the world just setting a looking glass in front of your eyes'. Mirroring leads directly to empathy and that leads to judging, but... who is suppose to judge? Where is Justice? What is Justice? Be a juror throughout of a play where the last thing you can be is impartial. You do not need to be a theatre geek to got imbued through this piercingly mixture of death and life.