The Sensemaker

The Sensemaker

Part of the Voila! Europe 2018 Festival.


This is a story about managing expectations. The protagonist of this one-woman show is gradually pushed to her limits as she tries to meet the impossible requests of an artificial voice. Hilarious yet uncomfortable, The Sensemaker questions our capacities to resist an unjust authority.

The Sensemaker shows the inner turmoil of a woman as she tries to meet the impossible expectations of a synthetic voice. Smartly dressed, standing behind a phone, she is slowly stretched to her limits. Flipping between different languages and genres of music, her moves are precise as she strains to keep her tightly orchestrated routine in time. As the voice's demands become absurd, she has to choose between obedience and integrity. Will her hopes to succeed be stronger than her growing confusion?

Date & time

Show ended
Wed 7 Nov, 7.15pm
Runtime: 50 mins


Gateforth Street NW8 8EH London, UK · Get Directions

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