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Landscape With Weapon Tickets

Produced and presented by OnBook Theatre

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Ned has created a new military technology that is so utterly brilliant, it will revolutionize how wars are fought. When his family finds out, they are horrified. Ned, on the other hand, is confident that his program will save more lives than it will take. Sadly, Ned’s plans and dreams go awry when the government wants more than just the technology -- they want the intellectual property rights as well... or, in other words, the right to use and sell the program however, whenever, and to whomever they desire.

This doesn’t sit well with Ned and, as he begins to question himself, his technology, and the government for which he has been working for, threats and paranoia build up and become a maelstrom of worry about what is right, and what is wrong.

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A valiant effort from a competent cast

· Everything Theatre
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Tue 13 Sep - Sun 18 Sep 2022, 7.30pm


Gateforth Street NW8 8EH London, UK · Get Directions

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