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To strike a match to light up the void

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Sat 23 May - Sun 24 May, 3pm, 6pm & 7.30pm

About Hoffnung

Hoffnung, a German word which translates as ‘hope’, is the inspiration for a challenging and exciting new collaborative dance theatre project by genau dance company. It is the final piece in a trilogy investigating the theme of resilience. Following ‘Ebb and Flood‘ (2017) and ‘Kreislauf’ (2019), Hoffnung is an international, multi-disciplinary collaboration between genau, visual director Jonathan Samuels, singer/songwriter Lynne Gentle, saxophonist So Tanako, Whoollydream Film productions, and art director Osca Whiting. It is produced by Thomas Wilson and directed by Maika Klaukien. "Hope is neither explicable nor reasonable, but is a triumph over despair.”