Back to Berlin

Back to Berlin

Berlin, 1989. A door is opened. History is made.


Berlin, 1989. A door is opened. History is made.

FRI 15 NOV 2019 to SAT 16 NOV 2019

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Produced and presented by CB4 Theatre
Plymouth, 2019: Bernhard is searching for something. Searching through his memories, through dusty boxes and overflowing suitcases, for a particular piece of his own history; a link to the past and a reminder of an important journey he made 30 years ago.

Oxford, 1989: After witnessing a news report of East Berliners crossing the divide which has plagued his city for so many years, Bernhard feels the pull of home and knows he has to be there. Whether by train, plane, car or boat, he has to make it happen. What he doesn’t know is what awaits him on the other side, or how it will change the world forever.

In the run up to the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, this is the true story of one man’s journey across Europe to witness history in the making. At a time where borders, divisions, and national differences seem more current than ever, Back to Berlin explores how national identities are formed and what it means to belong in your country. This is Bernhard’s story, but it’s also all of our stories: it’s a story about home, and what happens when it's taken away from you.

CB4 Theatre’s debut production Back to Berlin holds a mirror up to the past and uncovers some uncomfortable reflections of the world today.

A new theatre company from Wales, CB4 have something to say about the world we live in today. Inspired by real stories, and a passion for making the arts accessible, CB4 make performance inspired by real people, real events, and always with the vision of challenging the status quo.

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An inventive window into recent history

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Fri 15 Nov, 7pm
Sat 16 Nov, 8.45pm
Runtime: 1 hr


Gateforth Street NW8 8EH London, UK · Get Directions

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