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Lisa and Rachael want to make a show, but there's a problem: they don’t have any ideas.

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Thu 1 Aug - Fri 2 Aug, 7.30pm

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Two nights only from tonight for Lisa Hammond, Lee Simpson and Rachael Spence’s show about how to make a show when you don’t have an idea for one. So instead they ask the public. What should it be about? Which characters should they play? The show first saw light eight years ago but returned in a new form to the Royal Court last year and now heads out on a UK tour to examine whether those with disabilities really do have increased visibility. The only other London dates are 11-12 Nov at the Southbank Centre, so seize the day!

About Still No Idea

So who do they turn to? The Great British Public of course! They make a pact. They'll go onto the streets, interview people, and whatever story the public come up with - that will be the show. No backing out, no changing what they don’t like. Deal. STILL NO IDEA is Lisa and Rachael's quest: a mischievous look at two friends searching for drama, action, and a story to tell. Part-verbatim theatre, part-confession, part-comedy sketch show with a bit of singing and dancing thrown in. Turns out getting the public to write your story is quite an adventure.