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For the second week of Takeover, the Bunker will champion queer voices front and centre

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Mon 10 Feb - Sat 15 Feb, 7.30pm

About Queers Up Front

Every evening, work by a wide variety of queer artists will take the stage - and this time, the jokes will be told by the queers themselves. A series of scratchy, sparky nights, with first drafts, re-workings, daring ideas, autobiography, comedy, fiction and more, mixing together to celebrate queer-led work. And of course, a bit of music and dancing at the weekend too! Alongside this week, curator Debbie Hannan will be making a short series of podcasts as a goodbye to The Bunker - and each Queers Up Front evening will include a live podcast section, where Debbie will speak with an invited guest on a different aspect of all things queer. “Queers Up Front is a direct response to the absurd amount of times that queers have to sit in a theatre audience and hear a phobic joke about a queer character – a character who usually doesn’t even make it on stage. They then have to sit in the laughter that follows. This isn’t a laugh of solidarity and recognition, but one of permitted disgust and ridicule, encouraged by an artwork made by cis-het people for cis-het people. In the current climate of increased phobia towards our community each pointless, cheap joke adds up. So, from feeling unseen and small, this week, we intend to go big and loud” - Vinnie Heaven and Debbie Hannan