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What would you do with a little taste of power?

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Mon 16 Mar - Sat 21 Mar, 10am, 3pm & 8pm

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Meghan is about to audition. She is ready for her big moment. But how will you see her? Athila Sen Gupta’s play is just one of many that will be staged or read over the coming week as part of Morgan and Abi’s Power Share, a week of events, workshops, readings and performances. Morgan is Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, the author of Emilia, and the Abi is Abi Zakarian, who wrote Fabric, and the aim of the week is to open up the space in which these two women share their own power with those who often find doors closed to them. To that end they are co-curating each day with different artists around different themes from Transcendent Theatre (curated by Teddy Lamb) to Theatre of Resistance (curated by Nastazja Somers). Check out the website for a week that is putting into practice what every theatre needs to do: step aside and hand over power to those whose voices are seldom heard.


Would you share it, the way we always say we’ll do? Or would you keep it for yourself? In an industry that often feels inaccessible, where opportunities are out-of-reach for so many, we want to examine the reality of carrying out an altruistic idea. Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and Abi Zakarian will be in residence during their week and invite you to pop in. They will be joined by a different co-curator every day. There will be workshops, play readings and in the evening four short pieces, all programmed by the co-curators. We’ll also make space during the day to come and talk to us about writing, working and navigating this industry. We want to find ways to make positive changes to the theatre industry; this week is intended to be the beginnings of something that will hopefully do just that. So come join the revolution and share the power! Love Morgan & Abi x Our co-curators during the week are: MONDAY – Francesca Murray-Fuentes: Direct Action TUESDAY – Teddy Lamb: Transcendent Theatre WEDNESDAY – Sammy Willbourne: Horrifying Womxn THURSDAY – Salma El Wardany & Lilly Driscoll: Poetry & Spoken Word FRIDAY – Nastazja Somers: Theatre of Resistance: EU Migrants in Britain SATURDAY – Morgan Lloyd Malcolm & Abi Zakarian: Morgan & Abi’s Pot Luck Power Share 10.00am - Workshop from Co-Curator 3.00pm - Play Reading 8.00pm - Performance