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"Every now and then I think about just getting up and walking – No, running, out of here. Away from this. And the truth is, every now and then, I actually do. I get up, I walk out of the front door and I just run. And I run and I run ‘til my lungs burn and my breath falls short... And everything’s a blur. And it’s winter so I’m freezing half to death. Or it’s summer so sweat’s dripping down my face and into my eyes as I run and run and run."

Exciting new company Dead Good Theatre present Leaving, "a striking provocation of a play" that explores the lives of people dealing with the impact of having to leave something or someone. Amongst 23 short scenes and monologues, that may somehow feel connected, we meet an astronaut about to embark on their first mission, an abused spouse who finally decides to leave their relationship, an immigrant forced to part ways with their partner as they enter a deportation facility, a group of factory workers planning a walk out and a suicidal celebrity contemplating the hereafter. Love and violence, hopes and dreams and parents and children trickle through the narrative as the play reflects on how we so often must disentangle ourselves from what we know, in the hope of something better.

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Sun 8 Dec - Mon 16 Dec, 3pm & 7.30pm


53a Southwark Street SE1 1RU London, UK · Get Directions

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