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Directed by The Big House’s Artistic Director Maggie Norris and written by James Meteyard and Jammz

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Wed 3 May - Sat 27 May 2023, 7pm


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The Big House has produced some electrifying shows over the last few years, all co-created with an ensemble of care-leavers and at-risk young people. This Islington-based outfit offers another view of life in London, one that always feels authentic. The latest focuses on a pirate radio station, Blaze FM, which is broadcasting Jungle and Grime music and political discourse from a North London flat courtesy of Hughbert, a second-generation Windrush immigrant. Hughbert wants change, but his two children—one a rising human rights lawyer and the other a would-be rapper—have their own ideas about how change can be effected or don’t believe it will ever happen.

About No Man’s Island

We’re thrown back to the mid-2000s. The smoke rises slowly in the air, and the familiar scent of marijuana suffocates the small north London flat. The frantic pirate radio station, Blaze FM, blares Jungle and Grime illegally for their keen listeners. Hughbert and the squad would tell you that Blaze FM is the heart and soul of raw new music, the hub for relevant news for the everyman. The constant signal cuts by DTI would tell you a different story. Can the dying station survive? Can Hughbert keep his dark secret hidden from those dearest to him? Are the constant threats from various authorities justified? Are targeted attacks on freedom fair? “Drill music is being used as a scapegoat for everyone’s f*** ups” and Blaze FM is the latest victim. Follow the Blaze FM crew as they try to break the cycle. A story that follows the lives of those living in constant fear for almost two decades, bearing the impact of one ‘once in a lifetime’ political event after the next, and it seems music might be the only way out. Age Recommendation: 12+