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Wed 14 Nov - Sat 15 Dec, 3pm & 7.30pm


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Made with at-risk young people, Bullet Tongue is a cracker, an eye-opening and sometimes eye-popping account of life for young people involved in drug-dealing gangs. Fifteen-year-old Bumper has lost her mum to death and her brother to prison and thinks of her gang as family. But they are small fry and when Bumper’s gift of the gab gets them in trouble with major player, One Ton, they are soon in big trouble. Andrew Day and Sonya Hale’s script, based on the direct experience of young people, is shot through withTeflon-coated poetry and Maggie Norris’ promenade production is very smart in the way it moves the audience around Big House’s new Islington premises. This is raw, it’s different, it offers a glimpse of another London that many of us never see and a story that theatre seldom tells.

About Bullet Tongue

Maybe man see this estate, see the telly, man think we is all run around like stab each other up and shit, just constant ruthlessness, bare beef, wrongness, serving up bare class A and it’s all we care about. Or mebby you think, dis gyal is a waste, gyal should like all work hard at school, apply gyal’s self, go university or some shit … I mean gyal is all like stoked for dis gyal, dat bwoy come good but … What if gyal want something just a lickle bit different… Gyal don’t wanna escape, dis gyal wanna bring the world to this estate and let it shek it’s ting, like shek it’s fucking booty and shit, let it rage. Dis gyal gonna unzip the silence on it, strip it, film it… show you. BULLET TONGUE is the new production for The Big House and the first show to take place at our brand-new premises in a converted frame factory in Islington. This new venue will enable us to reach hundreds more young people every year.