How to watch streamable theatre on your TV cover photo

How to watch streamable theatre on your TV

How to watch streamable theatre on your TV cover photo
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2 Apr 2020 · Follow on Stagedoor

In response to Coronavirus, theatres across London and beyond have been doing their bit to keep us entertained from the safety of our homes.

Dozens of them have made old productions available online - sometimes for a fee but mostly for free (with the option to make donations).

New shows are uploaded to the web every day. To make it easier for you to find something to watch, we've created Streamdoor: a browsable archive of all the theatre that's out there on the web.

Once you find something you want to watch, click Watch Now (if you're on the app) or Book now (if you're on a laptop) and you'll be directed straight to the page where the video is hosted (this might be on YouTube, Vimeo or the theatre's own website).

Would you like to watch it on your phone or laptop?

Once you click 'Watch now', you're ready to go!

Would you prefer to watch it on a larger TV screen?

You may know how to do this already, but if not here's a few different ways of approaching it:

1) Smart TVs

Lots of theatre is available through YouTube. If you have a Smart TV that plays YouTube videos, then once you've found a show to watch on Streamdoor, simply search for it on your Smart TV.

There are some shows in the Streamdoor archive, however, that are not available through mainstream platforms like YouTube. If you come across one of those exceptions, please choose a suitable solution from the ones below (depending if you're using a laptop or a phone).

2) Use an HDMI cable if you're using a laptop

This allows you to connect your laptop to your TV. Once you have an online show ready to watch, just plug your laptop into your TV and enjoy it on a larger screen.

You may have an HDMI cable round the back of your TV already. If not, you can order one here (for as little as £4.99).

Are you a MacBook owner? Then you'll also need an HDMI adapter (because Apple likes to make life difficult like that). Choose the one that's appropriate for your MacBook model.

If you need help, here's a step by step guide to using an HDMI cable.

3) Wireless casting from your laptop or phone

You have a few different options, as lots of companies have created their own version.

They mostly do the same thing an HDMI cable does - with the added bonus that in order to pause, you don't have to get up from your sofa and go over to your laptop that's physically plugged into your TV (like some kind of neanderthal). You can do everything from your phone wirelessly. They effectively turn a normal TV into a Smart TV where your phone is the remote control.

Here are some good & affordable options:

If you have an Apple TV you can use its AirPlay functionality to stream content wirelessly from your MacBook or iPhone.

If you have any technical questions about how to get streaming theatre on different kinds of screen, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we'll do our best to help!

PS. This is not a promotion for the products listed. We've added them solely for the purpose of helping you guys out :)

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