Variant 31
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Variant 31

Get off the couch, leave the video game behind and star in your own story. Do you have what it takes to stay alive?

“This immersive show is likely to be even more adrenaline-filled than Wolf of Wall Street. It is perhaps better described as a 'live action video game' than a 'show' – as you'll need to navigate through a maze of 200 rooms and 150 actors, fighting zombies in your attempt to survive. Not for the faint-hearted.”


Welcome to Toxico Technologies’ top-secret live demonstration of their latest weapon in modern warfare, ‘Variant 31’; a serum so powerful it allows the user to control death itself.

The demonstration goes horribly awry and turmoil ensues as reanimated cadavers go on the warpath. Their sole mission is to hunt and destroy the invading enemy… you.

Do you have the skills and the stamina to overcome an array of terrifying creatures, and make it out alive? Or will the sheer terror be too much to handle….

Unleash the horror, choose your adventure and #AimForTheHead

A 90 minute long adrenaline-pumping live-action game, players will navigate through a 25,000 square foot labyrinth in the heart of London’s West End. Once inside this immaculately detailed hidden world, the aim is simply to survive and escape. Work in teams to solve group challenges and play individually to complete personal objectives and puzzles to forge your own path to freedom. Those seeking safety in numbers are free to work together and find their way through the experience as a group.

Critic reviews

It became hard to escape the feeling that I had put more thought into this than the creators had

London Box Office

My main issue is that the care for audience doesn't seem properly thought through, and for that reason, I couldn't ever encourage anyone to visit Variant 31

Broadway World

Immersive zombie caper is more theme park than theatre

The Guardian

Ambitious video-game style zombie adventure delivers the thrills

The Stage

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Mon 13 Apr - Sat 13 Jun 2020
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins


39-41 New Oxford Street, Holborn London WC1A 1BN London, UK · Get Directions

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