What if it wasn’t an old man all the way up there in the moon, but a young woman?


The story of The Man in the Moon is a familiar one, but what if it wasn’t an old man all the way up there, but a young woman? What if this solitary young woman had a job, a very important one?

For years, Stella has been very busy looking after our world from afar, organising tides, shining lights, and listening to wishes made on stars.

But down on Earth things are changing and people are no longer looking up. There is perpetual light and the night sky is under threat. The Moon is getting weaker, the stars are burning out, the tides are changing, and the Earth is beginning to spin faster and faster.

Stella is an original story about a young woman's quest to reclaim the night, to keep the stars shining bright and to save her home.

Using projection, clowning and aerial circus, we explore how light pollution means that Stella no longer hears our stories and how sometimes it is important to turn out the lights and wish upon a star.

This piece is devised by the company using research from the International Dark Sky Association and verbatim text gathered during workshops with local schools.

Age Recommendation: 3 – 6

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Wed 19 Feb, 2.45pm & Thu 20 Feb, 11.30am & 2.30pm
Runtime: 1 hr


Belvedere Road SE1 8XX London, UK · Get Directions

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