No Show

No Show

Soho Theatre · 22 JAN - 09 FEB

A show for anyone who has tried, failed and failed better.


What do you expect when you go to the circus?
The greatest show on earth?
The glitzy smiles, the glitter of sequins, the drum rolls as performers who seem super human effortlessly perform death-defying acts?

No Show joyously and heartbreakingly reveals what lies hidden beneath the showmanship. There will be desperate attempts and heroic failures, glorious achievements and bruised bodies and egos as the performers push themselves to their physical and mental limit. See behind the flawless smiles and perfect execution of the traditional circus performance to show the wobbles, the pain, and the real cost of aiming for perfection.

Critic reviews

Has timely things to say about women, professionalism and power

Evening Standard

A sparky riposte to sexism in circus

The Guardian

An energetic ride that leaves us satisfied, uplifted and with a new perspective of the pain that goes into perfection. If you’re seeking spectacle with subtext this is one show not to be missed

The Upcoming

I recommend this production for those who are not great fans of classic theatre or classic circus and are looking for something different and fun

Theatre Weekly

The sweat, the blood and the tears behind the tumbles. A must see for any fan of circus arts

Everything Theatre

Though it feels in need of a clearer structure and tighter focus, it’s performed with refreshing openness and a sense of mischief

Evening Standard

This irreverent circus show reveals the sweat behind the sequins

Time Out

It’s meditative in its spectacle, both subtle and dazzling


Date & time

Show ended
Tue 22 Jan - Sat 9 Feb, 3pm & 7pm
Runtime: 1 hr 5 mins


Soho Theatre
21 Dean St W1D 3NE London, UK · Get Directions
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