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13 years ago on a dark and stormy night...

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Tue 23 Nov - Sat 27 Nov 2021, 9.30pm

About Nick Helm’s I Think, You Stink!

Minister of the Macabre Nick Helm wrote, staged and performed his magnum opus I Think, You Stink! - a musical, B Movie, Drive In, Thrill Ride that plunged audiences to the very depths of madness. Now, 13 years later, The Ungodly Helm will grab you by the scruff of the neck and drag you kicking and screaming on a journey to the very depths of Hell and back as he digs up the still rotting remains of his glorious Frankensteinian creation to resurrect it for one last gasp in this limited run of his devilish musical comedy spooktacular for your ghoulish delight. Take your seat. Say your prayers. And for the love of everything that’s holy and good in this world, TRY not to shit yourself. PRESENTED IN HYPNO-VISION!!! ENTER AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!! NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!!! Soho Theatre is not responsible for your sanity or protection from crazed hypno at this event. Ticket buyers enter at own risk. We do not encourage the abuse of exclamation marks in ever day life. Age Recommendation: 16+