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Sacrifice: a play that asks the question, ‘Is it worth it?’

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Tue 31 Jul - Sat 4 Aug, 7pm

About Ardent8: Sacrifice

"Six grand a month for one room in the basement of a disused pub on the corner of a dirty high street with no natural light and damp black walls that make it feel more like a coffin than a home?" "It’s the going rate–" Ardent8 – created by Ardent Theatre Company to provide artistic support to eight recent graduates who have found it difficult to make the leap from region to London. Through various workshops with carefully selected practitioners and a week-long residency at Soho Theatre the ensemble is able to access opportunities within the industry they have otherwise found inaccessible, but which Ardent Theatre Company believes is no more than an equal opportunity. Ardent Theatre Company was set up by creative directors Mark Sands and Andrew Muir to support the type of work and opportunity whereby no one feels like an outsider. With our work we produce we aim to address contemporary issues affecting the majority but which have more often than not, been vetoed by a minority.