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Reality Winner Verbatim Transcription

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Tue 2 Jun - Sat 13 Jun, 7.45pm

About Is This A Room:

June 3, 2017. A 25-year-old former Air Force linguist named Reality Winner is surprised at her home by the FBI, interrogated, and then charged with leaking evidence of Russian interference in our voting system. She's in jail now. Conceived as a play and directed by Tina Satter, the verbatim transcript reveals a verbal dance between the knife-sharp Reality, a now 26-year-old woman from Texas accused of leaking top secret U.S. intelligence, and the FBI agents who arrive at her home unannounced to interrogate her. As Reality’s autonomy shrinks before her eyes, a simmering real-life thriller emerges, offering vital considerations of access, language, power, patriotism, and honor at this particularly loaded American moment.