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From Charlie Josephine and co-produced by Boundless Theatre and Shoreditch Town Hall

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Wed 22 Feb - Sat 11 Mar 2023, 7.30pm Captioned: Tue 7 Mar, 7.30pm

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Charlie Josephine’s I, Joan was a big hit for Shakespeare’s Globe last year. Now they team up with Boundless Theatre to consider the male gaze and how it impacts young women. Inspired by Josephine’s interviews with young women, and William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, the show explores what it does to a young woman when she knows that from puberty onwards she will constantly be watched and her body will be continuously assessed.

About Flies

"You’re looking at me. All the time. What can I do, walk around with a T-shirt on like ''I'm Twelve, fuck off''? Flies is about girls being looked at by boys. It’s about hitting puberty and being smacked by the male gaze. The power and the shame, the pleasure and the fear that flies around your body when you’re constantly being looked at. Charlie Josephine is an award-winning actor and writer, their work includes I, Joan, Bitch Boxer, BLUSH and Pops. The show will feature a cast of female identifying students and alumni from The BRIT School.