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by Alexandra Donnachie

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Wed 16 Oct - Fri 18, 8pm


About Twenty-Eight

At 28 women become most aware of their biological clocks tick-tick-ticking away. I - the actress - know this was a pile of rubbish, but if I'd read that in Year 9, I'd have been scared too, because seemingly, the day after your 28th birthday, it's all downhill from there. When she, the character, not me - the actress you'll see on the stage - finds herself needing to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, she is hardly over the moon about the situation, but relieved it was an easy decision to make; she has never had that deep-rooted instinctive desire to house or nurture a mini human being, and she's okay with that. Until now, when nature appears to have taken the choice out of her hands for her. The year is 2019 and the world still doesn't seem to know what to do with those of us who have decided not to reproduce. Twenty eight aims to interrogate and quash the notion that women who don't want children will one day change their mind, to explore the many reasonable reasons why she the character, me the actress- and our partners - might not want them, and whether or not motherhood might not be so bad after all. Twenty-eight is a work-in-progress. We are presenting some scenes threaded together for this run and are very open to your thoughts and feedback. The scenes you see might not be in the right order yet - or indeed, in the play at all!