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How can I love myself when I am always changing?

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She has one very vivid memory; of being seven years old and hiding in her bedroom cupboard because she didn’t want to wear a dress and look like a girl in case all the little boys made fun of her.
That is one of the few things she can remember. Because she has forgotten almost everything else.
Now she’s going have to search her memories to answer two questions; how did she end up here, and why is she wearing a mask?
The Real Girl is about the struggle people face trying to find their identities in an image based society. How do you make yourself stand out? Make people really listen?
A show for anyone who enjoys things that are a bit messy because life can be messy, so if we stick it out together it may all come right in the end.

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Tue 16 Aug - Sat 20 Aug at 6pm.


1A Tower Street, Covent Garden WC2H 9NP London, UK · Get Directions

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