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Choice. Decisions. Ownership.

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Mon 2 Dec, 7.30pm


About Ova

Questions around the fraught and topical issue of the beginning of life are tangled up and unravelled in Elle McAlpine and Katharine Hardman’s first play OVA. Aria is pregnant, and wants a termination, but Lee wants her to carry his child and is willing to fight her in court. Diane is Aria’s only hope, a determined and visionary lawyer with the motto “they feel, we think”. Only Diane has her own crushing and complex loss to feel her way through, a loss that is linked inextricably to the content of her case. Together in Diane’s office, in the stands of the courtroom, these two woman navigate a system fraught with historical weight whilst simultaneously creating a deep and unbreakable alliance between them. Inspired by real conversations and experiences, OVA combines movement to explore and express that which is beyond words, that which is intrinsically physical with an honest conversation about choice. We are quick to draw lines where our awareness stops. With a voting system in place throughout, we will let you choose, let you become an integral decision maker to the choices these characters make. As two women dance as if their lives depend on it, you are invited not only to watch or bear witness, but to vote. You will decide. You will become our Jury.