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Tosh and Lou. 22 scenes.

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10 January 2020  ·  Follow on Stagedoor
“Tosh and Lou are teenagers. They have created their own language and their own space. While their contemporaries have gone off with boyfriends, these two have stayed tight and together. They are not like other girls, and they never will be. At least that’s how Tosh sees it. Lucy Morrison directs Miriam Battye’s play which was developed while she was part of the Royal Court Writers’ Group. With recent hits like Seven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner and Ellie Kendrick’s Hole, the Court has such a good strike rate in discovering distinctive female voices that you’d be a fool to miss out on this one.”
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“You’re only the greatest person ever invented and he’s some boy who’s probs never had a conversation with a side of the sun before- but like Let’s Be Modest About It”

Tosh and Lou. 22 scenes.
In a space they have created, using a language they have created, the two girls theorise.

Other friends have come, got boyfriends and gone.
So what. Tosh and Lou have each other. They’re not interested in becoming clichés.
They’ll never be like the other girls. And Tosh is going to keep it that way.

“You are becoming a parody, hun. You are becoming like the human equivalent of a fucking Little Mix song.”

Critic reviews

This couldn’t be fresher with a 2020s look at gender politics that’s utterly now

· Londonist

The show is so amazingly put together

· A Younger Theatre

Two girls chat about… stuff… and it’s amazing, in Miriam Battye’s superb Royal Court debut

· Time Out

Though the play moves in predictable ways, it's entertaining and interesting from start to end

· Broadway World

New play about female friendship is refreshingly original and dazzlingly exciting

· The Arts Desk

A scruffy, snappy, superbly acted study of millennial sexual politics

· The Telegraph

Lol-versations with friends in Miriam Battye's perceptive study of female relationships

· Evening Standard

A breath of bracing air, a real insight into the lives of the girls it depicts. It's terrific

· WhatsOnStage

It should be said that Scenes With Girls is very funny; scathingly so

· The Upcoming

Smart, charming, if maddeningly wonky new play exploring contemporary womanhood

· The Stage

Miriam Battye’s play has some astute insights, but the friendship at its centre doesn’t seem worth fighting for

· The Guardian
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Wed 15 Jan - Sat 22 Feb, 3pm & 7.45pm


Sloane Square SW1W 8AS London, UK · Get Directions
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