“I just lit up. I did not burn”


In a remote Tibetan village, Deshar, a young runaway has disowned her father Tsering and become a Buddhist nun.

In Lhasa, Chinese Commander Deng is working for the future of the country, unable to meet the needs of his wife and daughter.

When Deshar carries out an act of defiance it reverberates across the whole country and a new freedom struggle is born with life changing consequences for Deshar, Deng and their families.

“Tell that girl , she has changed Tibet forever”

Pah-la, based on real stories during the 2008 Lhasa riots, is an examination of the future of non-violence.

Age Recommendation: 14+

Critic reviews

Majumdar has an exuberant imagination and his play is a wild ride in which improbable incidents swerve luridly into view

The Arts Desk

Intriguing but unfocused drama about the politics of protest in Tibet

The Stage

This controversial play about an exiled Tibetan nun finally receives its premiere

Time Out

Abhishek Majumdar’s play launches a philosophical inquiry into non-violence and defying oppression

The Guardian

More fleshing out is needed in snapshot of Lhasa riots

Evening Standard

A provocative but stilted study of Tibet’s plight

The Telegraph

A fiery and philosophically dense fictionalisation of real stories from the 2008 Lhasa riots

The Upcoming

It’s the smaller moments, the most acutely, painfully, horribly human moments which resonate most. That’s when we feel the horror


This is clearly a story that needs to be told, and a sense of dread and oppression hangs heavily over the play


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Wed 3 Apr - Sat 27 Apr, 3pm & 7.45pm


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