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‘Congratulations! Your pain is commercially viable.’

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“Developed by writer Jasmine Naziha Jones during an Introduction to Playwriting group at the Sloane Square theatre, Baghdaddy is a coming of age story set in 1991 as the Gulf War is taking place. Primary school pupil, Darlee, had no idea that her family were Iraqi until she saw the war on the news and heard her tearful dad trying to phone family back home. What will war mean for Darlee and her family and Darlee’s relationship with her dad, and how will those relationships be impacted in a world riven by global conflict?”
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It’s 1991 and the Gulf War rages three thousand, three hundred and twenty miles away. Darlee is 8 years old, crying behind the wheely book case in Miss Stratford’s classroom. She’s just realised she’s Iraqi. Or half. Maybe both.

She saw it on the news last night after Neighbours and fish fingers. Heard the fear slipping through the receiver, saw it oozing from Dad’s eyeballs and into the living room as he tried to phone home.

What she can’t process now, she’ll be haunted by later; the spirits hounding her will make sure of that…

Operation Desert Storm; you won’t lose a wink of sleep over it. Except your Daddy. Your Daddy’s shitting his pants. Enjoy your Viennetta.’

Baghdaddy is a playfully devastating coming-of-age story, told through clowning and memory to explore the complexities of cultural identity, generational trauma and a father-daughter relationship amidst global conflict.

Jasmine Naziha Jones’s debut play was developed as part of an Introduction to Playwriting group at the Royal Court. Royal Court Associate Milli Bhatia (seven methods of killing kylie jenner) directs.

Post-Show Talk: Tue 29 Nov
A Q&A with writer Jasmine Naziha Jones. This event is free with a ticket to that evening’s performance.

Critic reviews

Jasmine Naziha Jones hasn’t just written the perfect play but also puts in the perfect performance

· The Upcoming

When Jasmine Naziha Jones's razor-sharp writing is given the room to breathe, it breathes fire

· Broadway World

Philip Arditti is compelling as Dad

· WhatsOnStage

A genuinely promising debut

· Time Out

Its boldness is extraordinary and certainly showcases the playwright’s fearless talent

· The Guardian

Packs an undeniable punch

· The Stage

Middle-Eastern magic realism

· The Arts Desk

Poignant reflection on identity and immigration

· London Theatre

There is no mistaking Naziha Jones’s integrity or her multitasking talent

· The Observer

An ambitious politically minded debut

· The Telegraph
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Date & time

Show ended
Fri 18 Nov - Sat 17 Dec 2022, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Captioned: Wed 7 Dec, 7.30pm & Thu 15 Dec, 2.30pm
Audio Described & Touch Tour: Sat 17 Dec, 1pm
Relaxed: Sat 10 Dec, 2.30pm


Sloane Square SW1W 8AS London, UK · Get Directions
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