The Rage of Narcissus

The Rage of Narcissus

A fascinating and disturbing journey into the labyrinth of the self and the darkness within

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24 February 2020  ·  Follow on Stagedoor
“In classical myth Narcissus falls in love with his own image. He believes what he sees, doesn’t look beneath the surface and in seducing himself brings about self-destruction. The question of whether we all court self-destruction is raised in Sergio Blanco’s twisty, teasing piece of auto-fiction that is like finding yourself dropped into a storytelling labyrinth or a hall of mirrors full of distorting deceptions. But who is deceiving whom? How far are we prepared to be seduced? This is slippery as a snake that is eating its own tail - utterly different and utterly distinctive.”


When Sergio arrives in Ljubljana to give a lecture on Narcissus, the first thing he does after checking in to his hotel room is to get on an app and look for someone to have sex with. A few hours later, once Igor has come and gone, Sergio spots a dark brown stain on the floor. Looking closer, he sees that it’s a blood stain. And looking around, he discovers more and more blood stains all over the room.

As he begins to investigate, he gets drawn deeper and deeper into a dark murky world of desire, infatuation and murder.

Perfect material for the new play he’s trying to write - if he can get out of Ljubljana alive.

The Rage of Narcissus is a fascinating and disturbing journey into the labyrinth of the self and the darkness within us.

Award winning director Daniel Goldman returns to the London stage to reunite with Uruguayan playwright Sergio Blanco following their smash-hit Thebes Land (Off-West-End Best Production 2017, Arcola Theatre).

Age Recommendation: 16+

Critic reviews

Sergio Blanco’s intriguing, intricately constructed thriller is occasionally hard to watch but impossible to look away from

The Stage

A masterpiece of storytelling that heaves and swells with dramatic impetus

Theatre Weekly

Itchy and distinctive, intellectually probing, different from any other play on in London and it boasts a quite brilliant and seductive performance from Sam Crane

Lyn Gardner for Stagedoor

Director and translator Daniel Goldman’s production has a kind of wry, icy detachment


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Tue 18 Feb - Fri 13 Mar, 3pm, 5.30pm & 7.30pm


Carpenters Mews, North Road N7 9EF London, UK · Get Directions

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