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Grow your following and get discovered through verified pages. Claim your professional Stagedoor page, and personalise the content seen by your followers.

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10 reasons to claim your Stagedoor page:

account manager

1. Account manager

Get a dedicated account manager to manage your content directly on Stagedoor.

verified badge

2. Verified badge

Theatre lovers trust verified content. Add a verified badge next to your name, visible anywhere in the app.

push notification

3. Push notifications

Reach out directly to your followers. Send them real-time announcements to re-engage with them.


4. Personalisation

Increase conversions by customising your avatar, and adding cover photos or videos for your page.


5. Social and reach

Your venue location, contact info, and social media channels in one place—easy for your fans to find and follow you.


6. Content sharing

Re-engage fans by sharing up-to-date content, such as videos, rehersal and backstage photos, interviews.


7. Cross-promotion

List verified theatre venues/companies you support on your page, and have them support you as well.


8. Analytics and data

Gain insight on which performances your fans are engaging with the most on Stagedoor.


9. Featured

Appear in the app’s onboarding process, in the “Stagedoor recommends” section for a month.


10. Partner treatment

Get featured on Stagedoor’s social media channels, blog, website, and more.

Expand your reach and interact with your audience directly.

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