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We're Staying Right Here Tickets

3 (1) · Contemporary, New Writing

“I hate you. I hate this place. We’re not leaving. No one’s leaving. We are staying right here.”

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In a world full of hate there was Matthew. Stand-up comic. New Father. Nice chap. Life fair to middling.

Then the war started.

Matt hides in his flat with Benzies and Tristabel. They arrived one day and never left. No one ever leaves now. The door is locked. The windows are boarded. It’s dangerous outside. As the man Matthew used to be fades away, the three men tell themselves stories about the past, present and future. Stories about their escape.

They have a plan. They have a ladder. It’s polished. It’s worshipped. It goes straight through the roof and beyond. It will be their salvation. They’ll climb it one day. If only they could get it prepared. If only Matt could figure out what role he’ll play in this war. If only the others could just stop talking.

A jet-black comedy about the least comic of human struggles; one man's survival in a world turned upside down. We're Staying Right Here is a manic Duracell bunny of a play that simply refuses to shut up.

Critic reviews

A powerful tale about toxic masculinity whose message is drowned by its love of cruel banter

· The Stage

We’re Staying Right Here is a perfect play that has something to say about some serious issues, but with a unique and beautiful voice

· The Upcoming

If there is a way to adequately tackle depression in a stage performance, then this is probably as close as we can get to a portrayal of the crippling effects it can have, especially on young men

· Everything Theatre

Henry Devas and his director Jez Pike have plunged full-pitch into the labyrinth of the mind, which makes for a rough-edged night out

· The Arts Desk
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Tue 26 Feb - Sat 23 Mar, 1pm, 3.15pm & 7.45pm
Runtime: 2 hrs 15 mins


Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park N4 3JP London, UK · Get Directions

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