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Mary Anning’s discoveries changed the way we understand the universe. Then she was written out of history. Nearly.

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Sun 28 Jul, 4pm


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“It ain’t a fossil. It’s fossilised dung. But if he wants to pop it in a cabinet I don’t want to spoil his day.” In 1811 the daughter of a Lyme Regis carpenter discovered the world’s first Ichthyosaur skeleton. She was twelve. Before she was thirty, Mary Anning made discoveries that transformed our understanding of the universe. Brave, brilliant and cuttingly funny, Mary spent her days combing Lyme’s beaches in howling storms – supporting herself and her family by selling what she found– and her nights reading works of Natural History and corresponding with Europe’s foremost scientists. Despite her achievements she was never accepted into the Geological Society because she was a woman and she was never credited on any of the scientific papers written about her finds. It’s time she got the chance to set the record straight… Age Recommendation: 16+