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A brand-new dark comedy about escaping your problems and the messiness of life.

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Wed 6 Apr - Sat 30 Apr 2022, 4pm & 7.30pm


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Victoria Willing’s debut piece, Spring Offensive, was gladly received and won her a writing nomination in the Stage’s Debut Awards. Now she’s back with a dark comedy about Gloria, a women who has retreated to the attic and into her imagination since she cooked a Christmas turkey which killed her mum. Can anyone coax this former wannabe punk musician and life-long David Bowie fan down? A play about how none of us think we will get old, connection and love.

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"Get your arse out of here and come downstairs and be a normal person. Just be a normal bloody person!" On Christmas Day Gloria cooked the turkey that killed her mother. Now Gloria’s in the attic, sleeping on a dog bed and shitting in a bucket. She’s perfectly content though. Her friend Magda visits. Her husband Graham brings ham sandwiches. Her neighbour Daniel fits perfectly through the Velux. In fact, as long as she can blast Bowie and bask in the light of her SAD lamp, there’s no reason to come downstairs at all. Age Recommendation: 12+ Contains: language, themes of mental health.