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Santamana Productions presents a dark comedy having its world premiere at the Old Red Lion Theatre this December.

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Mon 2 Dec - Sat 7 Dec, 3.45pm & 8.45pm

About The Exceptional Case of Whizz and Drex

“I’m going to stuff you in this box, I’m going to seal it up and I’m going to put a blowtorch to all eight corners. I’ll know when to stop, because you won’t be howling anymore.” Whizz and Drex run a parcel storage facility like no other. Pay what you want, but the more you pay, the more likely you are to get the parcel back in one piece. Their enterprise is stalled by visits from a stranger, priceless Prussian stacking dolls and an incident involving mute orphans, a box and a blowtorch. Age Recommendation: 12+ Trigger warnings: Mild violence, occassional explicit language. Warning: Moderately loud noises and use of food on stage.