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How an artist contends with their privileged background and the demons that infect their work

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Wed 24 Nov - Sat 4 Dec, 2021 2.30pm & 7.30pm

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“Three plays, all failures, all embarrassments... They don’t like me because they know who my father is, but they don’t like him anymore, so maybe they’ll give me another chance. I just have to find out what to feed them, what will set the stage on fire.” Hera’s running on the fumes of her father’s fading career. After a string of her own theatrical failures, she’s set on making her own one woman play. She wants to make a name for herself and leave her old image behind. But a crowd gathers outside her family’s estate. They have other ideas of what she should do with her privilege. She arrives home, to sell her family's estate, and finds her Father won’t leave his office. All while the city inhabitants bang on the gates outside. But Hera’s not too worried. She knows what the true focus is. To write the next hit one woman play and finally gain her father’s acceptance. As the crowd gets closer and closer, she tries to uncover how to make her next play a sell out. “That’s all you want, isn’t it, for everyone to know you are a good person who makes good things, one of those people who burns so bright no one can help but look?” Theatre63’s disarming new production explores what success means in our already unfair world. Age Recommendation: 14+ Content warnings: Explicit language