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“There are no sides anymore. Just survival.”

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Mon 23 Mar - Sat 28 Mar, 2.30pm & 7pm

About Is That All There Is?

After the dreaded Apnea virus wiped out nearly half the Earth’s population, drastic measures had to be taken. Now under the dictatorship of Mildred Damion, Britain faces new, gender-idoloistic ruling. We are given a window into the lives of four unexpected rebels, kept in a holding facility before facing trial for their crimes. Ivan, mature for his age and strong-minded, battles his way through an unjust reality, in search of his stolen brother. Charismatic and open though Ray may be, her fixation with sexual pleasure is the only thing that brings her solace. Dean, conscious but subdued, believes he has no right to be there, but is buckling under the pressure of the law in Britain 2089. In this repressive system, Ali is itching for friends and freedom, whilst trying to maintain her darkest secret. As their narratives intertwine, themes emerge of love, friendship and human resilience in, somewhat familiar, dark times.