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A harrowing one-character play about the grave effects of Child Marriage in the UK.


The play follows Aisha, an underage girl that was forced by her parents to marry a 51-Year-Old Man when she was at the age of 14. Aisha was sold in exchange for a birde-price. - An act that was justified by certain cultural and religious traditions. The man that she was forced to marry and live with is sadistic and abusive. She is forbidden to leave the house, communicate with the outside world, shower or even bathe herself on a regular basis. Aisha is bound to domestic dutyand forced to submit to any sexual acther husband wishes to bestow upon her.

How will Aisha continue to cope?

- ‘Every year 15 million girls are married as children... 28 girls every minute, 1 every 2 seconds’.

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Even though AJ's spirit in creating Aisha is a noble one, the piece comes off as a limited examination of the issue of child marriage

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Mon 3 Dec - Sat 8 Dec, 3pm & 7.30pm


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