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We meet Tamilore the girl who was born with two skins in the new global centre for high technology and innovation

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Wed 24 Jun, 7.45pm

About Tamilore and the Two Skins

Oorun Keji in the city of Meji in Southern Nigeria. Tamilore was made to promise that she would never remove her ugly second skin during the day. She was only to removed it during the night and must always put it on again before dawn, waiting for the day she will meet the love of her life to take of the ugly mask and reveal her true skin. When Tamilore turns 18 Her mother tries to set her up with a big time Nigerian Lawyer, Bola, son of Bolaji who owns the second biggest tech company in Oorun Keji. Tamilore, however falls in love with a painter Oson and finally decides to take of her second skin where she realises she is actually an A.I robot and isn’t human after all. Her mother isn’t her mother but her creator...