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An immersive psychological thriller that uses binaural sound, headphones and physical theatre to delve into the slippery recesses of the mind.

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Fri 29 May - Sat 30 May, 2.45pm & 7.45pm


Created and performed by Olivier Leclair and Tiia-Mari Mäkinen, a real-life couple, Shine journeys into the distant corners of the mind with a new immersive thriller that follows the mysterious disappearance of a little girl. Her father is the lone believer that she can be found, and in his search to find her, he bumps up against the walls of his hidden identity. How much do we know about ourselves? Is it safe to believe that we are not one person, but many? Using binaural sound (which creates a 3-D stereo sound sensation) Shine questions the reliability of the senses, examining what it is like to truly believe in something – or someone – that is not there. When everyone else abandons hope of finding your missing daughter, you find yourself alone in believing she can be brought home. Plagued by the voices that guide and haunt you, two options remain: give into what they say or find a way to break free. This intriguing piece of new writing asks viewers to explore their own psyches in a bid to encounter the multiple versions of the self who are competing to be heard.